17 September, 2009

The Preoccupied Knitter Returns to Bloglandia

It's been so long, I don't know where to begin. My knitting life has been a whirlwind for the last two years. Shifts in how I view the world and my place in it have colored my perspective on what a job is.
Since deciding to pursue a life in knitting, my ideals have been put to the test regularly. Paring down my needs has helped me stick to my guns and not succumb to a real job. Trusting in what the universe provides means I don't worry too much, and the jobs show up when I need them.
The thing that has most drastically changed my vision of my knitting living is sample knitting. This is essentially shadow knitting for a designer who doesn't have the time to knit all her/his own stuff, and just when I didn't think I could get by I was provided with the perfect opportunity: the creative director of a national yarn company who works out of my city desperately needed someone with experience to knit up her patterns. We hit it off and the work she gives me is consistent enough to be considered a living of sorts. Knitting her patterns has also opened my mind to designing.
Before this, I didn't have much drive to hash out an intelligent, clear plan for my work. I just wanted to knit, freestyle and without a care. After spending so much time knitting from someone else's mind, my creative engine has been revving; relying on commissions as an outlet just won't cut it. I still don't want to knit pieces that will languish on a shelf or webpage, waiting for the right person to come along. My work has to be done with intention, but the intention of creating a great pattern my be enough.
I'm starting small: a few hat patterns for Knitwit, my favorite yarn store. Some of these patterns will be available on Ravelry when I can get my act together.
I was really inspired by a pile of old patterns and magazines donated by a customer, and I can't wait to incorporate some old-school elements with fresh yarns and styles.
My working situation lends itself perfectly to travel, so I bought a van and plan to wander around North America with very little agenda. This will put travel writing in mind, and I may incorporate that with these knitterly pages. Travel suggestions or warnings are welcome in the comments section.
All in all, my life is pretty great. I get to do what I love: all the time. My friends and family love me and accept me for the super-focused introvert that I am, and I have a whole world of yarn to explore. Wish me luck!

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